“Everyday life as we know it is changing, and every day – everything is becoming more uncertain”

I’ve been a resident of Burnsville, Minnesota, since 2006 and in that time I’ve been involved with our local government. At an early age I learned how to help bring change to community by watching and listening to my parents talk with elected officials about the many challenges our neighborhood faced and accompanying them to public events. So, as an adult, becoming actively involved has been natural for me and my family.

It would be a privilege to be a voice for the things that matter to our seniors, the youth and everyone in-between.

I know and understand local, judicial, legislative and executive branches of our government and I’m more than prepared to serve as your city council member.

Here are just a few things that I’ve been up to that qualify me:

  • Undergraduate – Bachelors Degree Political Science
  • Graduate – Masters Degree Public Administration
  • Certified American Bar Association Paralegal
  • Current Chair – Burnsville Economic Development Commission
  • Current Chair – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – State of Minnesota
  • Current Chair – Meet and Confer Local 101- State of Minnesota

Former Roles Served:

  • Staff – Governors Workforce Development Board
  • Employee -State of Minnesota Legislature
  • Employee – State of Minnesota Office of the Attorney General
  • Employee – State of Minnesota Judicial District Court
  • Co-Chair – Civic Engagement Committee
  • Volunteer – League of Women Voters
  • Volunteer – National League of Cities
  • Program Coordinator – JDAI (Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative)
  • Program Coordinator – Rap/Dap At-Risk Youth Mentorship
  • Mediator – Juvenile Truancy
  • Volunteer – City of Burnsville
  • Volunteer – Feed and clothe the Homeless

I’ve spent my life serving people as a profession and personally, and it is exactly what I love to do. I’ve been an advocate for the disadvantaged to help them receive much-needed services, and currently, I work with everyday citizens who have suffered financial loss to help them realize recovery.

But I want to do more. The Burnsville City Council would benefit from someone like me to add balance.

This is our community and with your vote, I can help to make it better! Can I count on you to elect me to the Burnsville City Council?